Day 26: Paris, oh my god!

Part 1: The half flu is spreading
Late night after the show in Toulouse, Rein started to experience the same symptoms as TorO. So when we woke up in Paris, 40% of the band was ill and not in a condition to play a concert. We enter Divan du Monde, and this might be one of the coolest venues on the tour so far. Not the biggest or most fancy, but the most charming maybe? The backstage is nice, and the catering as well (it always is in France). A small problem though was that both TorO and Rein would need a place to sleep, and the bus had parked far away from the venue!

Part 2: The shortest sightseeing ever
Since we had to help with the load-in today (due to very limited time), we hadn’t got much time to check out Paris. Everyone but Jonas had been in Paris before, so me and him went down to take the metro. We had 45 minutes in total before the soundcheck, and the Eiffel tower was Jonas first priority. After getting of the correct metro station, we almost had to run in order to have a couple of pictures of the Eiffel tower in time. We were outside the tower for maybe 2 minutes, and then we had to run back to the metro station again and hurry up back to the sound check.

Part 3: Paris = Awesome
An hour before showtime I came to think of that I hadn’t eaten the entire day. I ran down to a grocery store together with Jonas and Tobias an bought maybe the worst tuna baguette I’ve ever tasted. When we got back to the venue, we saw that there was an extremely big queue outside! Great news for tonight's show! Even though both Rein and TorO was ill we were quite excited, as Paris was one of the coolest places we played last year! We entered the stage, and the audience was just as great as we’d hoped for!

Part 4: A rather stressful dinner
After the show everyone except Rein went out to a restaurant in the same building for dinner. When we’d ordered the meal, we wound out that we had approximately 45 minutes before we had to leave. The food arrived 40 minutes later, and we had 5 minutes to eat and to pay the bill! I just love stress-eating great food!

All the best,

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  1. Thank you guys, and come back soon !
    You recorded the album of the year, we need a Leprous headline !
    It's true it's difficult to play in Paris because of the prices and lack of venues... but hey, we can even find you some guide to take in the sights for real this time :D