Day 2: First Show, Tallinn

It's the first day of the tour! The rest of the band arrived Tallinn early in the morning, while waiting on Einar we got the great oppurtunity to eat at the infamous Hesburger fast-food restaurant, were the food tasted like cardboard from hell. We got settled in the bandbus were sharing with Amorphis and it seems like a great place to live the next months. The crew and the other bands are all great guys, and that's a good starting point for the tour. We took a trip to the city centre of Tallinn to explore the greatness of the town, and Øystein, who has years of experience guiding people all around the world took us on a guided tour around as you can see in the video. The gig went well in general, a great start on the tour! Tommorow we'll play in Riga, Latvia. Hoping it to be as fun as today.
Check out the video, and follow the blog!

- Jonas Kiste


  1. Oooh yeah! The norwegian flag in estonia - sykt!

    Digger videoen og Øysteins nye sveis. Den var cool! Dere altså, virker som dere har det gøy! Gleder meg veldig til å besøke dere i Athen neste helg! :D

  2. Your performance was great ;)! Really, one day you could come to Tallinn again :)!