Day 12 - Good old Thessaloniki

Part one: Back to normal

Two days has gone since we parted ways with Jonas and half a day since we teamed up with TorO. Even though Jonas did an unbelievably good job replacing TorO, it feels good to have the normal line up back together. TorO is one of two members (me being the other one) from the current line up that has been in the band from the very beginning, so it has been a bit weird not having him around. I’m gonna miss Jonas´video editing skills though!

Part two: Breakfast and saxophone

It feels good waking up in a proper hotel bed, without feeling that you’re inside a centrifuge (eastern european roads can have that effect one you when sleeping in the tour bus). It’s check out at noon, so we met down in the lobby approximately then. We went straight out for breakfast, and found a place that looks quite descent. After checking out the menu, we find out that the only thing they actually serve there is pasta salad with mushrooms. It tasted like sour olive oil, and to be honest everyone hated it. I think we might should start to understand that if there’s no people in the restaurant, it’s probably no good. As most norwegians we do everything in our power to sit alone in a table in a corner, as far away from other people that we can get. But I’m starting to wonder, is it worth it? Even though the food tasted horrible, we managed to keep the mood up. Thanks to Øystein for that!

Part three: Jogging alongside cadavers

It feels nice to be back at Block 33 after only one year, even though get that typical feeling that you were just here. After giving TorO a quick tour through the tour bus, me, Tobias and TorO decides to go out running. It has been a couple of days since our last run, as we’ve been warned against jogging in areas with lots of stray dogs (which you find plenty of in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece). Nevertheless we felt it was about time to get some exercise again, stray dogs or not. We started running alongside a main road, which seemed to be more difficult than we expected. After running for a couple of minutes, TorO stops to show us that we actually ran over a dog cadaver. Not a very nice sight! Even though this 5 km run was a bit out of the ordinary, it feels nice to be back on track.

Part four: The concert

We were quite excited about todays concert, as this was the first concert with TorO on this tour. It was a really nice experience playing in Thessaloniki again, and it was great to have TorO at my right side again. We’ve built up a certain stage chemistry through the years, and even though it’s difficult to top the concert experience we had in Sofia, this was a really nice show for us!



PS: Sorry about the norwegian speaking during the last part of the video. This was due to Øystein’s refusal of using the international language.

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