Day 27 - Last day of luxury in London

The last show
The end of the first part of the tour brings us back to London, for our third concert here. We’re all ready to give everything we have on this last show, even though 40% of the band have been struggling with illness the last couple of days.

Bye bye Blackstar
The technical part of the concert could have gone better. After standing a couple of minutes with the power on, my beloved Blackstar S1 200 amp gets a bit more power than it’s made for, something that leads to the total annihilation of two fuses as well as some plastic components that encloses them. Our super guitar technician, Falle, fixes the fuses and the plastic thingies, but even though the power gets back on, theres no more of that delicate sound being generated. At this point we give up, and I must ask as nicely as possible if I could borrow the Orange amp from Miguel in NahemaH, who of course borrows me his gear without question. Thanks! :)

The show is by far the best we’ve had in England so far, and it seemed as the audience liked it as well. After the show I had to pack down my beautiful amp, and send it broken to Jena, where it will be waiting for me (still broken) when we return december 26th. I guess I can just hope for a Christmas miracle.

Living luxurious
Being world famous rock stars and all, we all live pretty high class lifestyles, as portrayed in this video clip:

Going home
After getting an incredible good nights sleep, I wake up at 4.00, to get to Heathrow to fly home. Tomorrow I’ll return to work as a physiotherapist for three days, before we head out for our Japan with Ihsahn (and Leprous). We will of course report how this goes as well, before we return with the second part of the Amorphis tour, when Christmas is above us.

In the meantime,
Let the juice flow!


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