Day 25 - Toulouse, Game on

Part 1: Le Phare
I had one goal for this day, to check out Toulouse city center! Last year we played at the exactly same venue, and then I didn’t get to see the city center due to lack of public transport in the area (it was a major defeat for me, as I simply love checking out new places). After doing some research on the internet, the unthinkable happens: I give up! It was really difficult to find a cheap enough solution that would bring me back to the venue in time. Even though I felt bad about no being able to see Toulouse, Le Phare (the venue) is a really nice venue to spend a day at. It’s huge and contains really nice backstages with proper wifi, nice food and showers.

Part 2: Half flu
Sitting on my computer on the dressing room, TorO suddenly comes rushing in with a rather pale face asking for my Imodium. He tells me that he has gotten the half flue, and the liquid is coming out in both ends. Wooooho, tonight’s show is going to be great!! His shape is really bad, and he has to go to the bus to sleep after finishing his toilet duties.

Part 3: Boxing - Leprous VS Amorphis
Still sitting on my computer, Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis are entering our backstage to brag about his new boxing equipment. He knows that both me, TorO and Tobias are doing kickboxing (at a very low level) and he wants to challenge us to a match. TorO was ill, Tobias thought it was too close to the show, which left me as the only alternative. I went to the bus to pick up my kickboxing equipment, and gets dressed for the match. Tomi insist to only do boxing (with no kicks), which suits me OK since my kick skills could be better. We agree to go very easy and slow, so nobody gets hurt before the show. Check out the video to see how the match went!

Part 4: An energetic evening (from TorO’s point of view)
TorO woke up approximately 30 minutes before changeover without feeling any better at all. He take one more Imodium, finds himself a puke bucket and go on stage. The venue looks nice, the crowd seems really good and the sound on stage is quite nice! I was determined to compensate for TorO’s lack of energy tonight, and gave almost everything I had on stage. The show went really good despite TorO’s condition, and he managed to do the whole set without having to run to the toilet!

All the best,

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  1. Definitely the best video (technically speaking) you have on the blogs. I specially like the credits which I only presume that all names are from huge fans of your work! And nothing else. :D Wish TorO is better now, he should bear in mind that the flu's origin is somewhere near where you guys are now heading ;) The battle reminded me of Dragon Ball where Tomi is now at a Super Saiyajin level 3, hair wise. All the best!