Therion tour kick off

As a kick-off to the Therion-tour, we will be performing a "double concert" at Arno in our hometown of Notodden, Norway, on Friday the 22nd of October. The first concert will be a non-alcohol/under-18 concert, and the second one will be a normal over-18 concert. If everything goes as planned, both of the shows will be free of charge, and both will have local young and upcoming bands supporting us.



Visa Application Status

We just got the word that the visa application process for our first US show (ProgPower USA, September 2010) is currently underway. Alll papers have been submitted. We are very excited about this and are really looking forward to coming over and play for our fans and to make a lot of new friends.



Leprous launches mobile website

Norwegian avantgarde progressive metal band LEPROUS have launched what is believed to be the world's very first mobile website for a metal band. The site, http://ping.fm/1ZrX0 is specifically created for use on modern day smartphones, such as the iPhone, the Blackberry and iPod Touch. With four times as many mobile phones with internet connection than stationary home computers, many businesses worldwide has found the need for updating their homepages to work well on the mobile platform. However, the music business has been lacking in this field and we're very proud to say that LEPROUS (to our knowledge at least) is the first metal/hard rock band ever to enter the mobile world with a homepage specifically designed for iPhone/iPodTouch/Blackberry.


Leprous returns to Skuret!

We really enjoyed playing on the intimate stage at Skuret in Oslo in February, so we've decided to return to Skuret on Wednesday the 5th of May (the day before our concert in Copenhagen). The support band of the evening will be the side project of our drummer Tobias called "(...) minutes of death and back". We hope to see you there!!



New interview

A brand-new interview has been posted at the Romanian website StudioRock.ro (http://ping.fm/1PWPf) Check it out.



New Ihsahn show confirmed

Friday 27th of August, we'll play together with Ihsahn at the Hole in the Sky festival (www.holeinthesky.no) in Bergen, Norway.



Ihsahn - Live footage

Here (http://ping.fm/bKbDP) you'll see a "handy-cam" filmed video of Leprous performing live as backing band to ex-Emperor frontman Ihsahn at Inferno Festival in Norway this past weekend.