Tablature and lead sheet

We've started making guitar tablatures and lead sheets for one of the songs on "Tall Poppy Syndrome". Within a couple of weeks we'll start posting one section every week, until you have the full song.



Help us choosing our setlist for the Therion-tour

We've decided to ask YOU for help in choosing some of the songs from "Tall Poppy Syndrome" that we will be performing live on our October/November tour with Therion. Please vote on the poll available on www.leprous.net for your favorite song, thanks.


Leprous gives crew member a hard time!

"Like" button on leprous.net

In true fashion of us trying to keep up with the latest inventions in the internet world, we have integrated the new Facebook "like"/"recommend" buttons onto our news page and tour page, so that you can easily spread the information to all your Facebook friends.


Therion tour kick off

As a kick-off to the Therion-tour, we will be performing a "double concert" at Arno in our hometown of Notodden, Norway, on Friday the 22nd of October. The first concert will be a non-alcohol/under-18 concert, and the second one will be a normal over-18 concert. If everything goes as planned, both of the shows will be free of charge, and both will have local young and upcoming bands supporting us.