Day 17 - Lyon rocks

Part one: A pleasant reunion
It feels great to be back in France! Last year we played six shows in France, and almost at every venue everything was great! Both the catering, the crew, the fascilities and the audience. Lyon was one of our favorite places on the previous tour, so we had really high expectations for tonight’s show! Nice venue, nice food, nice facilities and a nice local crew. Only thing missing now is the great audience, which we of course didn’t know anything about at this point.

Part two: The metro
After gathering everyone (which usually takes way longer than my patience can handle), we go straight to the metro station. Last year when I visited Lyon I didn’t get to see the old city, so I was very determined to see it this time. The metro trip was full of misunderstandings and wrong moves from us, and we ended up at the very same place I ended up last year. Right outside the gigantic shopping mall, which I had no interest in seeing. Luckily I managed to connect to a wifi connection, and find out that we’re in walking distance to the old town.

Part three: Monument obsession
I might be a bit more obsessed than the average person when it comes to checking out the main monuments in the cities we visit, and sometimes I forget that someone might have other needs. Rein was looking for bass strings, and TorO was looking for an iPhone protection thing while Øystein was looking for a new jack input for his guitar. This being our lucky day, we manage to find both an instrument store and an Apple store on our way to the old town, and everyone gets to satisfy their needs. We even found a Virgin Megastore on our way (which I didn’t think existed anymore).

Part four: Photographer of the year?
Finally we get to the old town, which turns out to be very beautiful and worth every minute spent on locating it. I’m slowly turning into a desert junkie on this tour, and more and more often I hunger for it. Suddenly we se a perfect french ice cream cafè, and of course I can’t resist the temptation. Below you can se a photo I took of the banana split which actually looked extremely good in real life. It’s fascinating how disgusting you can have really nice things look if you’re a bad enough photographer!

Part five: Moshpit
Back at the venue we’re starting to get eager to go on stage, as we remember the Lyon audience to be great! We enter the stage, and all our expectations and hopes turns out to be right! There’s a lot of people singing along, and a lot of people making lots of noise and movement. During Waste of Air it actually occurs a moshipit, which is a very rare sight on a Leprous concert. To sum up the day: Lyon is still one of the best places for Leprous to visit!

All the best,

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  1. Jeg ler meg ihjel av de to siste minuttene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. Øystein! :D