Day 7: One night in Sibiu

Part one: Traveling with a kindergarden
After very few hours of sleep due to rather bumpy Slovakian, Hungarian and Romanian roads I wake up in a rather smelly bus. I'm not going into more specific details about what caused the smell in respect for the privacy of a certain person. Tobias is already up, watching "Merlin", season 1 on his laptop. I look out of the window of the bus, and se a quite nice romanian landscape outside.

Part two: Living the rock star dream...
Before I went to sleep I received a message from our tour manager that we were due to arrive in Sibiu around 1pm. Well, 5 hours later we finally arrived in the beautiful transylvanian town Sibiu. While the Amorphis guys checked in to a 4 star hotel, we had booked a somewhat more economical alternative; Pension Zansi. When we arrived at the hostel, they claimed they hadn't received a reservation from us (even though I showed them my booking confirmation). Hell yeah, the life of a rock star!! (Luckily they found a couple of rooms for us, which seemed much nicer than what we originally paid for.)

Part three: Wifi and a (very) local restaurant
As you probably have noticed earlier we're quite obsessed about having a proper wifi connection, so it was a huge bonus that the wifi in the hostel room worked perfectly fine!
After spending approximately one hour on going through all our daily internet routines, we agreed to go out to grab something to eat. We chose to follow the recommendations from the receptionist at the hostel ("very cheap and very good") we ended up at a (very) local restaurant nearby. When we opened the door and walked in, I felt that everyone was staring with a very skeptical eye ("Wait a minute, they're not regulars!!").

Part five: The menu
Since 60% of leprous are vegetarians it's rather complicated when the menu is in Romanian, and the waiter doesn't speak a single word of english. The carnivores could do the old "order without having a clue about what you're ordering" trick, but for the rest of us that was a bit more risky. After a while we managed to order something by using heavy body language. After a rather boring meal, it was time for dessert. Oh, don't even get me started. It was dough (without sugar) and a lot of sour cream with sugar-less jam at the top. I can eat almost anything, but this one gave me a struggle. To all our romanian friends, what the hell is this (to get a clear view, check out the video)???

Part six: Fire
It's always nice to get back to the hotel room after a "descent" meal. Back in the bed, we suddenly hear tons of sirens right outside of the window. We looked out of the window and saw a lot of fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. It seemed like it was a fire in the neighboring building. Not a very nice sight, but luckily it seemed like everyone got out of there without major injuries.

The end,


  1. :)). The misterious dessert, dough and sour cream and sugarless jam I presume was a failure of the cook (from your description)trying to make a dessert called "papanasi" pronounced [p a p a n a ʃ i ] quite popular in the area and usually it is delicious, but it seems you just had bad luck. But then it is all about taste. Ciprian

  2. Hahahaha. Den beste videoen til nå! :) Du er flink, Jonas!
    Tobias så jo veldig fornøyd ut med måltidet, haha. DET mest skeptiske trynet jeg har sett! ;)