Day 20 - Porto on my mind

Walking out of the bus in Porto is a true pleasure. The sun is shining, and approximately 20 degrees feels good after driving through a rather cold southern Europe so far. The area surrounding the venue seems very nice, so we all decide to check out the rest of the downtown area as well, something we don’t regret. As a matter of fact, Porto may be my favorite city so far on the tour. Great weather, good food, pleasant people and beautiful surroundings. We meet a very nice guy which recommends us to take a ride through the city on a small train. Yes please!

Back at the venue, my impression of Porto doesn’t get any worse. The stage, backstage, catering, wi-fi and the pleasant promoter and staff couldn’t be much better. The fact that Jonas also downloads Civilization V to his macbook, meaning we can link and try out the multiplayer feature, is just the finishing touch of an already perfect day. The following movie will show you how Leprous look like when we're exploring a city. Please have in mind that we actually are a metal band, so the scenes you're about to witness are pretty scary and intense.

As for the concert, I really enjoyed playing, as did the rest of the guys. and the crowd seemed to like it as well. We also got the chance to talk to many nice people afterwards. My only bad experience with this first day in Portugal was that somebody broke in to Nahemah’s caravanette, and stole their money and some official documents. Apart from that, I really look forward to spending the next couple of days in Portugal, and hopefully Lisboa will live up to the great impression I have so far.

To the people of Porto:
Please like my band, so I have a good reason to return as soon as possible!
If not, I guess I’ll come back for my next vacation… B)

Until then,
Rock on!



  1. I wish I had seen you in Porto rather than Lisboa.. or both! Whenever you return to Portugal either on work or holis feel free to drop a message as I'll do the same next time I'll be in Notodden ;)
    In the meantime just make the video non-private :D

  2. Bra video, men det kunne kanskje vært litt mer av det klippet der dere sklir ned rettverket mens en feit Einar tripper ned ved siden av?

  3. Guys, the like is done, I just hope you came back very soon, we all loved Leprous! It was one of the best concerts of my life! Passion, energy, all in one! Pleased to know you enjoyed our city!