Day 23 - Santiago de Compostela

Part 1: The hallway
We were woken up approximately 11:30 by Temu (the merch guy) who told us that the shuttle to the venue were already waiting for us. None of us had a clue that we were to park away from the venue, and we were preset to sleep as long as preferable. Waking up Rein isn’t always the easiest task in the world, and he ended up taking a shuttle much later that day! Our first encounter with the venue was really pleasant, and we were blessed by a really nice stage, great acoustics and equipment. The first encounter with the backstage however, could have been better. We had been given a hallway next to a staircase without any chairs as backstage! Wooooohooo! Luckily we were given some chairs after a while, and the backstage was OK after that.

Part 2: The cathedral
The weather is beautiful and the venue is in the middle of the town center, so we joined the forces with Tomi (vocals Amorphis) and Temu (merch guy) to check it out. We walked through a beautiful park, and after a while we managed to locate the renown Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It looks extremely impressive both inside and outside. Touching it is supposed to mean luck, and only two days later both TorO and Rein has gotten the half flu. Hmmmmm......
Santiago de Compostela is defiantly a town worth visiting, and it’s one of our favorites on the tour!

Part 3: Daily routines
Safe back at the venue we do all our daily routines as soundcheck, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to upload blogs, drinking coke, getting ready for show etc. The show went really good, and even though the venue was only half full we fell in love with the Galician audience!

Part 4: Tapas
After the show we go straight out to eat, and as we’ve finally learned to choose the most visited restaurants we ended up on a really nice tapas restaurant. The food on the restaurant might have been the best on the tour so far, and it was a really nice way to end the evening.


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  1. I strongly advise you to bring a mountain bike so to try Porto - Santiago via MTB courses :) It's a 2 days journey that will definitely change your life's perspective, not from a theological point-of-view of course. Or France - Santiago (5 days). You could have eaten so much better in Portugal, next time prompt some queries at you FB page and you'll certainly get "customer" opinions! :) I do believe that for all countries you visit, next... Japan! *envy*