Day 14: Goodbye Greece

All right! Travel day! Or days, more correctly. We left Athens after the show on Sunday the 13. The present time is 00:47 the 15. November, Tuesday. The plan is to reach Italy sometime during the day. So…loooong bus ride!

Slept really late today, being stuck on the bus there's not much else to do. Even though I had more than my share of sleep, I had a rather unpleasant awakening. Passport check on the Serbian border. Normally the bus driver handles the border crossings, but now we had to deliver our passports individually. No stress though..They checked our passports, and looked through the bus a couple of times. All ok, but not an Ideal way to start the day!

So, Spending the entire day in the bus might not be the perfect condition for writing an interesting blog post. Most of the time is spent watching movies and series, playing games, or just hanging out in the bus.

Still we had one interesting, to say the least, experience. Dinner at a random roadside diner in Serbia.

If I had been there alone, I would probably be out of there well before the drinks were on the table. Creepy atmosphere in other words. The place itself was ice cold, completely empty and looked like it belonged to another century. Now, all that wouldn't matter if at least the food was okay, which it, as you might have guessed, wasn't even close to. At least the vegitarians (TorO, Tobias and Einar), had a hard time with their "cheese omelet".

- "a bit like eating old sour cream, so old that it turned into a cheese-like shape, stuffed into an unfinished omelet." -Einar Solberg.

As you probably understand, not top-of-the-line cooking. But don't get me wrong, i'm really glad we actually experienced this Serbian diner. I'm definitely going to remember it for a long time!

Here is some other facts:

They actually served about 1/3 of the dishes on the menu.

Tobias and myself ordered some fries, but never got them (even though we asked, twice), While all the others got their fries really fast.

Oh, and they had a dead bear on the wall.

Finally back at the bus, passing time as the miles fly by. Next up: Croatian border crossing! Almost the same procedure as earlier today, only this time we had to get out of the bus and into a nearby building for them to check our passports. Lots of fun….or not!

So, to sum it all up its been a rather monotone/boring day in the bus, with two border crossings and dinner as the main events.

Here is some footage from the bus:

That's all for now!

- Rein

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