Day 16 - Milan fashion extravaganza

I wake up in the bus around 11.30. I enter the backstage witnessing a very typical Leprous social gathering, with everybody doing their own things on their macbooks. Tobias, just finishing his episode of Merlin, suggests that we should all head down town to check out the Milano fashion scene. Øystein doesn’t see what the big fuzz is all about, and decides to stay at the venue so he can prepare for his own fashion show later tonight. He’s got something really exciting up his sleeve this evening, so we’re all really psyched as we take the subway downtown, Einar, Tobias and myself.

As we’re approaching the Duomo square, Tobias can hear a strangely familiar sound. Yes, it’s the pigeons he played with the last time we were here, and o’boy are they happy to see him again. He also meets up with his old seed supplier, who tries to stuff some more seeds in his hand, but Tobias plays hard to get and runs away.

Not a trip to Milano without trying out some Italian delicacies, so we end up in a pleasant restaurant, with an open solution towards the open area that surrounds it. As we’re waiting for our pasta, eating our complimentary cookie, Tobias finds out he wants his old friends to join the party. The pigeons doesn’t have to be asked twice, and gladly follows up his invitation, to the great satisfaction of the restaurants other costumers as well as the staff.

We continue our journey through the fashion capital and end up at H&M and Zara to buy socks and boxers, before we head back to the venue where Øystein has a show and a fashion clinic ready for us. Here you can see the essentials:

After this great show we all felt energized and ready to hit the stage. The show went good and we leave Italy with the hope we will return in a not too far distant future.

Until then,
Stay fraiche!


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  1. Synes denne blogginga går på helsa løs for spesielt én i bandet... Øystein får gjennomgå lite! Haha.
    Var god på catwalk'n da! ;)