Day 15 - Time for Treviso

I knew from the moment I woke up that this was gonna be one of those stay-in-and-work-while-the-others-have-fun-checking-out-the-city kind of days. As most you might not know, I'm a student. This means a certain amount of work has to be done, and it does not matter whether you're on tour or not. Usually I get the enthusiastic question: "Are you coming with us to check out Treviso today?". I respond with the signature line: "No.. I think I have to work today". You just gotta love saying no to checking out a city you've never seen before!;D

For some reason, we can't get into the venue until around 1'o clock today. Normally our get-in is at 11. This matches up nicely with my 100% dependency on Wi-Fi to be able to work, but I'm hungry so I grab a bite at the closest (and only) diner in the area. Our first encounter with some serious beams for the sun and good food makes this morning a good one, and the crew dreams of this being the off-day, not the one-million-miles drive from Athens to Treviso. As we finish up our meal, I see the guys from the band returning with their tails between their legs. They couldn't get a taxi, and after a rumor of a 20km distance into town (although it was only 9) coupled with today's late get-in, seeing Treviso stayed a dream.

I feel sorry for the guys who wanted to see the city, but somehow it's a bit comforting considering what I have in store for the day. Luckily, "New Age" is one of those venues that have figured out Internet can come in handy.. and it's a fast one too! Fast internet equals blog uploads and work for me. Yeeha! I end up spending mostly the entire day in front of the computer (hence the short and boring blog entry). I keep on working until our sound check at 5PM, then have dinner with the others before preparing for the show at 8PM. There's not a huge crowd when Nahema hits the stage, but they do a good job and draw people, so when it's our turn we're ready to do our best on our first show here in Treviso.

Even though none of us saw the city, we had a good time in Treviso, and we always enjoy it when we see people that have come to see Leprous, not only Amorphis ;) Let's hope we get to come back asap! Next stop: Milan! Stay tuned!!



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  1. Hey guys! Hope you remember me, i'm the high - bald one who asked you to sign all the CDs after the concert... Great show that day at New Age! I was so curious to see you again after this great new album, and you've been so close to perfection! We are all waiting to see you as headlinder next time! (and i promise next time i'll help you to reach Treviso and have a good city sight :-D ). Stay metal!