Day 24 - Barakaldo Juicefest 2011

Juice time!
Our first concert in the Basque Country ever took place in Barakaldo, a part of the greater Bilbao. The venue, Rock Star Live, is situated in a shopping mall, the stage is huge, and the backstage facilities are very nice. We all agree that it’s time to bring out our old companion, The Juicer. This way, we can juice up all the semi-bad fruit that we’ve been gathering throughout Europe. My tip is to try out any fruits and vegetables you like, and if you can get hold of lime, ginger and sellery, then you’re pretty much ready to make anything taste good. Tobias finds out the hard way that onion is an exception, but then again, who would have thought otherwise?

Gettin’ rid of all that energy
While I’m taking care of the entire vitamin needs of both Amorphis and the crew, Einar takes a trip on his own to the city centre of Bilbao. We soon realize that juice gives us a bunch of energy, so after OD’ing on vitamins, we feel like getting rid of some of that energy. Let the jogging commence.

We’ll be back
The concert went really well, and we all hope we can return the next time around.

Until then,
Juice on!


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