Day 18: Spain show nr one

Today we had plans! We got a special guided tour from two friends of ours, Marce and Mathias!

Barcelona is a huge city with alot to see. And with only the time before soundcheck, it will not cover it all...

We went to Sagrada Famila! That was really awsome! And quite bizarre. You should check it out if you are in Barcelona!

Jonas came back to replace Øystein. This was Øysteins last concert, so Jonas took some really cool pictures you can see at our facebookpage.

The concert was really nice. And later we hooked up with our designer friend Maria (who designed our t-shirts and backdrop :), her boyfriend Jaime and Isam (Jesus?)

They are really nice and took us to a really cool buffet place with lots of really good vegeterarian food!

btw: Jonas is now back with his video editing skillz!


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