Day 22 - Incriviel Almadense

As usual, I woke up in the hostel a few minutes after we was supposed to be checked out. I can't remember the last time I actually checked out in time. Another stressful morning. After we gathered our belongings, we found out that it was time to try to locate the venue for tonights show.
Tobias got out of the hostel a few minutes before the rest of us, and met us outside having acquired one of the strangest "to-go" coffees I've ever seen. Anyways, we managed to get a hold of a couple of taxis, and began the extensive project of finding the venue. One of the drivers knew a little english, none of them knew where the place was located.
Turned out it was located in Almada, across a really big bridge from Lisbon. After a few stops, some direction-asking, a few conversations in portuguese (taxi-driver), english and norwegian (us) and a lot of traffic, we finally found the venue.
The venue was cool, and the stage was big. We need a lot of space to deliver a Leprous-show the way we want to, so everything looked really good. We were also able to walk up on the big PA speakers in front of the stage. Always fun! (hopefully it looks cool too).

The rest of the place was a bit more interesting. Really old concrete building, no wi-fi, very small backstage and very strange toilet/shower facilities. All of this is really okay, the only real problem with the place was that it was way too cold for our taste.
It turned out we had access to a big training hall through the corridors of the backstage area. We also found a football. Sweet! We arranged a little game of football with some of the guys from Nahemah, the other support band. Just when we started to get into the game, we got interrupted by a very old, very angry man. He started shouting at us in portuguese, took our football, blamed us for cracking a mirror, and then shouted some more. Not cool!
So, looking for ways to entertain ourselves, we figured we could make use of the adjustable haircutter i bought in Lisbon. TorO took on the role as the hair stylist, so Me, Jonas and Tobias ended up with a new haircut. Nice!
Looking fresh, we went out to get something to eat before the show.
The show was cool.

After the show we talked to a guy in the audience who brought us some local delicatesses, awesome! And they tasted really good as well!
Some showers and one Amorphis-show later we got a shuttle back to the bus. The bus is the closest thing to home on the tour, so it's always nice to come back to it after a day of.
Thats it for Lisbon, stay tuned for more..


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