Day 11 - Return of TorO (travel day)

Ok, so here’s the deal. I (TorO) have been at home in Norway the last ten days, playing with my cat and watching crappy TV, while the other guys have been around having fun in eastern Europe. Finally the day has arrived for me to meet up with the rest of the band in Thessaloniki, Greece. As entertaining as it may be watching the tour blog from Norway, I actually have been anticipating to join the tour. A slight complication was the cancellation of the concert in Istanbul, as we’d already booked flights and hotels for me and Jonas to make “the switch” go as smooth as possible over there. After a couple of hours saying “no thanks” to all of RyanAirs’s special offers though, and we have ourselves a new plan. And this is how it goes, travelling like a true superstar:

08.46: Waking up, feeling ready to start the day off with a nice meal, freshly squeezed orange juice and a delightful cup of coffe.
08.47: Falling asleep after turning off the alarm clock.
10.13: Waking up again with a funny feeling something’s wrong. My bus leaves in 12 minutes. F*****g s**t!!!
10.14: Out on the street, running.
10.16: Hiring a bicycle. A crappy one.
10.20: A rather skinny fella finds it in his heart to out of nowhere skip sideways 2-3 meters, making sure I actually hit him with my bicycle. Perfect timing! ;D
10.24.40: Arriving at the bus stop 20 seconds before the bus leaves.
10.25: Not feeling very well as I find my seat, while also realizing I should exercise some more. At this point I also realize that I forgot my water and the charger for my Mac. Feeling fraiche!

12.05: Arriving at Torp airport. Just one look at the million dollar cases they use for their security checks tells us that I’ve got two hours of non-stop entertainment settled as I wait for my plane to leave.

13.55: Ascending in the spacious aircraft, and really taking in all the calmness, comfort and helpfulness that comes with flying with RyanAir.

14.45: (local time) Arriving at Stansted airport.
15.00: Getting in line for my 2nd baggage check. The gate for my flight closes 15.30

15.37: Finished standing in line, and prepared to start my second run of today with all my bags. Hungry like you wouldn’t believe.
15.43: Arriving at gate, barely conscious, noticing that nobody has entered the flight yet.
16.00: Learning that most greek senior citizens prefer to stand at a distance of approximately 3 mm from my ass, while all the time touching me with their luggage. Nice to get to know a new culture along the way. :)
16.05: As we fly off, the nice married couple sitting next to me starts arguing. They’re loud.

21.00: (local time) The married couple continues their fight, as we start our descent to the airport.
21.15: The senior citizens find their way back to my backside while we leave the plane. Btw, Isn’t Greece supposed to be somewhat warmer than Norway this time of year?
21.25: I hop on the only bus I can see at the airport, hoping that it will take me downtown.
22.35: I push the stop button after realizing my destination is just down the road.
22.36: The bus passes my destination.
22.42: The bus stops. I have to walk back several km to the Hotel where the guys are waiting.
23.05: Reunion time at the Astoria Hotel, Thessaloniki. Woop woop! :D

05.30: Rein makes his signature sleeping sound. Aaaaah, feels great to be back…

Peace out! B)


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  1. "21.15: The senior citizens find their way back to my backside while we leave the plane." Phu, good to know!

    Ååå, maaao. Fine pusen<3

    Sov Rein med Mac'n sånn? hehe.