Day 18 - Prague

What happens in Vienna…
Tobias, whose bunk is adjacent to mine, woke up today with the good old feeling of ”What happened last night?”, as the sensation of Teemu’s shoe remarked it’s presence on his interscapular area.

I figured I might as well just leave the two alone, so I made my way towards the venue for today, Retro Music Hall.

Tonight’s show was a lot of fun, as both the sound on stage and the audience was great. In the following clip you will see some live footage from the show, but also get an insight in how we plan the show right before we get on stage. Since we’re talking in Norwegian the clip has English subtitles.

The show was also an energetic and painful experience. During the show I hit my head several times in my mic, got shocked by my mic, hit my mic of the mic stand with my guitar and in the end I managed to get my hair stuck in my 8-string guitar (as shown on the picture below).

Back to the 80’s
In the effort of trying to repair the damages to my hair after the show, Rein went a bit far with the scissors, so I ended up with with a hair due from another decade. Well, what’s more rock’n’roll than the 80’s?

FIFA forever
Our last hours in Prague was spent the same way as many days before: playing FIFA. As you can see we have now managed to clear the merch boxes in the most crucial area of the TV, but still: feel free to buy some of our merch, so our FIFA experience get’s even better! $)

Buy buy,


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