Day 20 - Eindhoven

Our second long tour around Europe is now slowly coming to an end. We've had a tremendously good time! For the third last show, we are stopping once again in the Netherlands. This time at Dynamo in Eindhoven, the fifth largest city in the country. The venue can fit 550 people and tickets sales show there won't be much excess space inside, so we've got high expectations for tonights show!;) Although the stage isn't very spacious for our usual moves during the show, we're never discouraged.

The show was yet another good one;) After the show, there's an official after party with Amorphis at some place called "The Jack". After hanging out in the bus for a while, we decide to go looking for this mysterious place. We have no idea what this is, except a small flyer we got from Teemu. Let's go huntin'! One failed iPhone GPS later and some walking the old fashioned way, we end up in what seems to be THE place to be in Eindhoven right now: a true party street. Dutch people obviously appreciate night life as this street is stuffed with places to go. Roaming through party land, we discover "The Jack" eventually, but Amorphis is not there, nor is anyone else we know.. Seeing as this is place an excellent opportunity to have some fun, checking out as many places as we can before closing time at 4AM becomes our mission!

It turned out to be well worth the effort. To put it nicely; Eindhoven has a lot of interesting bars… ;)

To end this days report, have a look at a small video from the venue. This demonstrates our, and especially Einar's, intelligent humor. Lots of spare time on tour..? Don't know what you're talking about...



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  1. SVADAAAAAAAAAAA:D Herregud, hehehehe.
    Synes det snorket inni der også var ganske morsomt!