Day 12 - Salzburg

Part 1: Laundry time

Having only three sets with stage clothes on tour, forces you to play a large percentage of the concerts with sweat (yes, we sweat a LOT on stage) and smelly stage clothes. Therefore it’s always a nice surprise when there is a laundry facility at the venue. I managed to get all my clothes washed, which already made the day slightly better than the average tour day.

Part 2: Express sightseeing in Salzburg city

Salzburg was a city I had heard so many good things about, so I was very eager to check it out! Tobias, TorO and myself headed down to what my iPhone claimed to be the city center, and we found ourselves extremely disappointed. It was a boring and grey area with nothing special to see. Well, we found out that my “trusty” iPhone wasn’t as trustworthy as I thought, and we decided to continue our quest to find Salzburg city center. Being Norwegian means that you try everything before you ask someone for the way, but after a while we give up and ask one of the locals. We managed to find the city center, which turned out to be even more beautiful than I’d hoped for. Unfortunately we were running out of time, and didn’t have the chance to be there for more than a couple of minutes due to early soundcheck.

Part 3: Nosebleed

The concert starts and everything seems good, until i suddenly starts bleeding heavily from my nose in the second song. I’m not sure what caused the nosebleed, but when I’m on stage I have so much adrenaline that I don’t notice such things. I didn’t have any paper on stage, so I just had to continue playing/singing/headbanging with blood all over my face/clothes/keyboard. I have to say that when I was screaming “Tonight I’m passing away” with blood all over me, the whole thing felt slightly more realistic than usual, hehe.

A quote from a fan I met outside: “I guess the nosebleed was intentional, as both you and the midget on your backdrop was bleeding heavily from the nose”. So yeah, blood is always good for the image.



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  1. YES! Salzburg finally.

    The sound really sounds that much better in your "Einar goes chipmunk" video - compared to what the first row had to face :-S

    I was the one quoted, by the way. Thanks again to Einar for taking his time to answer a host of curious questions :-) Glad you found the city center to be beautiful.

    For all the German-speaking lurkers: I have written an extensive concert review, including photos. See here: http://soulspace.cc/2012/01/konzertbericht-amorphis-rockhouse-salzburg-05-01-2012/

    For photos: They can be downloaded here: http://soulspace.cc/pictures/TMET_Leprous_Amorphis_20120105.zip

    Have fun!