Day 21 - Vosselaar

Part 1: Tour Apathy

After being on tour for almost eight weeks (with a break in between) I've started being a bit more apathetic when it comes to check out towns/cities, and when it comes to getting up in the morning. Usually on this tour I've managed to get up at a reasonable hour, but today I slept to 3.30 PM. I have to admit that I really hate waking up that late, and I feel that I've thrown away the entire day.

Part 2: The Perfect Backstage Solution

After eating a rather late breakfast, we go to check out the backstage at Biebob. It's one of those backstage solutions where you are trapped when someone is playing a show. Before the show, we were interviewed by a really nice guy from the DPRP (Dutch Progressive Rock Page). Cool interview!

Part 3: Belgium Rocks!

Both in the 2010 tour and on this tour, the Belgian audience turned out to be more than great! Even though we had very limited Right after the show we had to get the hell out of there as soon as possible so we wouldn't be trapped in the basement during the entire Amorphis show. Luckily the bus was parked right outside the venue, so we spent most of the day there.

Part 4: Record Label Mingling

After the show, we had a visit from Melanie and Jessica from Century Media (the mother label of Inside Out). It's always really nice to meet the people you are to work with for many years in real life! We've met at least five employes from CM on this tour, and everyone has been really nice! Good sign!

All the best,



  1. Ahhh... the "sweet" feeling of having thrown away the day. I know it all too well.

    Enjoy your time back home. Eight weeks on the road is sure something.

  2. Here's my chance to complement you on the gig of the day at hand. It was a pleasure witnessing the songs (along with some epic moves) in a live setting, hope to see you guys again with more time available. Until then, see you at Graspop!


  3. Hey folks - you can read the interview I did with Einar and Tor here: http://www.dprp.net/wp/interviews/?page_id=1577

  4. De siste sekundene var de beste, hahaha :P