Day 16 & 17 - Vienna

Part 1: Hotel? No thanks.

Today the bus parked outside a well known venue for us, Szene in Vienna. We played there in 2010 with Therion, and two weeks later we went there to pick up the camera TorO forgot there at the gig. We had actually booked a hotel for this night, even though we would prefer just staying at the bus. At the bus we have really comfortable beds and tons of entertainment, while the hotel only can offer beds. Going to the hotel also means that we have to bring all our stuff, take the metro 45 minutes, check out next morning and go back to the bus. After getting the approval from the bus driver, we decided to stay in the bus, even though we had already paid for the hotel.

Part 2: Exploring Vienna for the third time

During the 2010 tour we had one show day in Vienna, and one off day a couple of weeks later. That means that we have already seen a lot of this beautiful city. Today I had a visit from my fiancee Marita, so that gave me a perfect opportunity to guide her all around the city. Even though I usually consider off days to be very boring, it was very nice to just walk around the two of us.

Part 3: Showtime

Being back at a venue you’ve played before always feels cool. The sound was good on stage, the audience was quite good and in general we were quite satisfied.



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