Day 11 - Nürnberg

After enjoying Saarbrücken for three long days, "The Beginning of Times Tour" and all its people have now arrived at yet another German venue: Hirsch (www.der-hirsch.de). This venue actually has its very own beer and spirit. I thought this blog entry might be a nice occasion to introduce you guys to a very important part of the tour: our beloved crew.

Let's start out with…


Our fantastic bus driver from Coach Service have yet to be seen mad (quite the merit driving bands), and he's doing a wonderful job. Everything you could wish for! Because Thomas has quite the different schedule from us (driving all night) a picture of this handsome man could not be taken at the moment.


This finnish madman is the master of all the merchandise that Amorphis and Leprous have brought along for the ride. He himself claims he can sell a t-shirt to a statue. Impressive! Why do we still have merch left!? ;)


Master of lights. This man has been giving us better and better lights throughout the tour, and he's been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Here you can see him in his usual black cap ;)


This awesome guitar technician can fix pretty much anything, not just guitars, and does so happily;) I wonder if he shops for caps in the same place as Matti? You will also see him wear his signature tool belt, and like all the other guys in the crew, a walkie-talkie.


Wizard of sound. This guy makes sure everybody's ears bleed! Rumor has it he's been running with the Finnish kings from Amorphis for 7 years. As you can see, Sami is very enthusiastic and gave his hair dresser a thumbs up!;D


The tour manager. The German general of our 7-week journey throughout the corners of Europe. He makes sure everything is in order, and keeps everyone happy! ;) Just recently, he's been joining in on our FIFA fun! (football game on Playstation)


Our beloved stage manager. Along with Falle and Matti this guy's got the sickest work schedule and work ethic ever. They work pretty much around the clock, and it's not easy to find people in this business as nice as these guys;) If you have a stage you need managed, call Masi. Simple as that.

Apart from the bands themselves of course, these guys together is what keeps this tour going!;) To finish off today's blog, here's a video of Tor Oddmund working his magic on Aksu's hurting back (drummer of TMET):

Yours always,



  1. You missed the groupies... and don't tell that there aren't any! :P