Day 15 - Budapest

Day 15 - Budapest!

Ahh, back in Hungary! Last year we played a show here in a venue called Petofi Hall, a huge venue located in a park close to the city center. This time, it's a smaller one called Club 202 (http://www.club202.hu). It's a spacious venue with a kind of Hawaiian-feel to it. The bus is parked just outside the venue, which we love. It becomes your home on tour, and with such a great bus it's annoying not being able to access it during the day. Shuttle trips to the venue are also not the most fun part of it all.

Like most days, we can exit the bus, reach out and grab the door handle for the venue. Woohoo! 21st century laziness!;D Our backstage is located upstairs, through a hallway (still looking like a bar on Hawaii) right next to the stage. Always very convenient!;)

While we're at it, let's take a closer look at how we rate our backstage:


This can make a bad backstage turn into a good one. Although it may sound utterly astonishing, touring is actually a quite intimate affair, all in all! Space is essential, and much appreciated.

Seating possibilities

This is always very important. You can't stay in the backstage the whole day, so you end up always stealing somebody's chair/sofa etc as soon as they leave. There should be enough chairs for everyone, and then some.


Oh boy. This is.. well.. mandatory!;) Absence of wi-fi can ruin an Internet-junkie's day! Which somehow we all seem to be. At the same time, an extremely slow connection can be even worse. Without it, we might suddenly start talking to each other.. and we can't have that, can we?


As mentioned the ideal situation is a backstage right next to the stage (the word "backstage" kind of explains itself?).


Mmmm. This is high up on our list. I will also mention noise protection here. Silence is always nice;)


Good catering can really make a difference!;) Plenty of drinks and access to delicious food 24/7.


So let's sum up our results. We're really not asking for a lot:

  • more than enough space
  • location next to the stage
  • 100% noise protection
  • about 100 very comfortable seats
  • an extremely fast Internet connection
  • the best food money can buy and tons of drinks to go with it

What? Is that too much to ask? ;)

As we didn't film anything interesting today, I've decided to finally share an old movie from our first day in Berlin (we spent a day there before we went to Jena for our first show). You won't believe who we met on the street...

(the video is made short in respect of his privacy)



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