Day 14 - Bratislava

The bus couldn't stay at the venue today, so we had two options. We could either get up early when the bus stopped at the venue, or we could sleep in and take a taxi back to the venue from wherever the bus parked. Surprisingly enough, I was the only one who got up early. Well, supposedly Einar did as well, but he went straight to the city center of Bratislava, and I didn't see him at all until later.

So, as soon as I got off the bus and into the venue, I realized it wasn't too much to do around the area. The time before soundcheck was mainly spent lying in a sofa listening to music. At one point, I tried to walk down to the city center, without knowing either the distance or the direction. Turned out I chose the right direction, but the distance and the cold made me turn pretty quickly.

The others arrived in time for soundcheck. Turned out we made a new "longest-soundcheck-on-tour-record". Not our fault though. Its a weird thing to do, and we've noticed it a few places: When there's a broken cable at the venue, they just put it back in the same case as the working cables…makes no sense to me. So, at one point they tried at least five cables before they found one that that worked. And since they put all of them back in the same place, the next band playing there will go through the exact same procedure. Weird!

Before showtime we end up being pretty frustrated. both because of the soundcheck, and because of our very, very, very small backstage (picture).

Luckily, the show turned out to be really cool! The crowd was great, and everybody was having a really good time on stage! Its always great to get a bad pre-show feeling proven wrong!

Totally out of the context, here is a video of Øystein talking about guitar playing and the Norwegian language.


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