Day 22/23 - Last day on tour + Going back

Bag packing melancholy
It’s with mixed feelings I pack my things out of my Nightliner bunk. On one hand it’s sad to know that I won’t have Teemu snoring and farting over me anymore, but on the other hand it’ll be nice to get back home and shovel my driveway free of snow in – 27 °C for the next 18 weeks. :D Today I’m meeting my sister also, who I haven’t seen in a while.

A big thanks to Kenneth!
As I leave the bus this morning, Kenneth (Einar’s brother) is backing up with the gigantic Citroën Jumper that he has brought to us from Norway. This van will be the 18 hour transportation method home for Me, Øystein, Rein and all the equipment, while Kenneth, Einar and Tobias will be taking the slightly more luxurious, comfortable and speedy transportation method of flying from Amsterdam to Oslo the following day.

Last show of an amazing tour
The last show in Hengelo was a worthy way of ending this incredible tour, and after the show we said our goodbyes to all the great people we’ve been travelling with the last three weeks. I also met my sister who currently lives in Holland, which was also very nice. We really wanted to get the most out of these last hours along with our touring buddies, and so we did as so many times before:

Going home – Version 1
After the show it was time for Me, Øystein and Rein to drive all the equipment back to Norway. Of course first we had to drive around in Hengelo about 90 minutes to find an open gas station and some chips with “french fries with mayo”-taste, but then we were on our way. If I’m not to write anything about driving, sleeping in the passenger seat, filling diesel, sleeping on the ferry for 20 minutes, driving around in Oslo for 2 hours to find the key to our rehersal rooom so we could unload all our equipment, then I guess it’s not that much to write about. Except that it was really good to get back home. And even better: We got home before the trio that were flying home.

Going home – Version 2
Right before we started driving with the equipment, Einar, Kenneth and Tobias took the train heading for Amsterdam where they would be staying one night before flying home. Or so they thought… The next evening, after arriving at the airport a couple of hours prior to departure they made their way through all security checks all the way to the gate of their flight. But hey! Standing in front of the gate they got the message that they hadn’t checked in, and so they weren’t allowed to go with the plane. So back to downtown Amsterdam, booking some new flights and waiting for the next 24 hours to pass. Nothing wrong about Amsterdam, but after driving around to all Major cities in Europe for seven weeks, I guess getting stuck in one more wasn’t the dream situation for them. Well well, I guess driving home with the equipment isn’t so bad after all! ;)

Thanks for following the tour blog!

Hope you enjoy to get the inside look on how Leprous is taking over the world, step by step. We promise to update the blog whenever we feel like something is worth mentioning.

Until the next time, here’s an announcement from Einar:

Juice on!


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