Day 19 - Aschaffenburg

Allright, another small German town.

We got a shuttle from the bus today, as the bug nightliner would have trouble in the small streets around the venue. The bus was parked up on a small ridge, outlooking a beautiful scenery of the countryside bathed in morning fog. We jumped in the shuttle, and drove it to the city centre. We checked out the venue (cool place), had breakfast, enjoyed the internet connection, and took a quick walk around the city centre. It turned out to be a nice, but rather empty (at the moment) city. Next up was dinner, and the usual pre-show routines. Put on our extremely smelly stage clothes, and got ready to rock Aschaffenburg’s socks off.

Cool show! Not so much space on stage, but the response and the general feeling after the show was good. After-show food, showers and shuttle back to the bus completes a nice, but not too exiting day (except the show of course, which is always exiting)


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  1. hahahaha, den morsomste videoen til nå! hahahaha. Mer av Teemu vs deres idiotiske påfunn, takk! :D