Day 7 - Celebrating new year's eve, Pratteln Style

What better way to celebrate the eventful year of 2011, than in good old Pratteln? The venue of Z7 hasn’t changed much in one year, and since both the extremely pleasant monitor technician and the great chef are still here, the evening is looking zehr promising.

Our stage manager Masi got up extra early today to give the two support acts their very own breakfast.

Pratteln boxing cup ‘11
To start of the day we arrange a little boxing cup between Tomi and Esa from Amorphis and Me and Einar. A couple of tender noses, and bruised eyelids later and we’re ready for sound check.

OMG, my face is ruined!

A taste of Norway
The sound check made it clear that the stage and monitoring is still züperfraiches, and we celebrated this by performing an ancient traditional Norwegian custom, as documented in the picture below. This awesome performance was of course met by enormous applause and astonishment from the spectators.

Upper lips on MacBook Air

Tobias welcomes you to 2012
Playing tonight was really great, and after the show it was time for:
Well, first it was Amorphis, but after that it was:
Still a couple of hours until the clock struck twelve, but when that happened it was time for:

Tobias to put on his glasses and welcome the new year on stage in front of everybody!!! :D

Here’s a live clip of Waste of Air, plus a brief montage of how the night was celebrated:

Have a great 2012!

Peace out!

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  1. Have a great 2012 too! See you in Budapest on Sunday!