Day 13 - Graz merch try-outs

Sleepless in the shuttle
At the venue of Explosiv in Graz, we’re granted our very own 3-bed hostel room as back stage. Suitable for Einar, who’s delicate sleep was continuously interrupted by Rein’s Led Zeppelin show down in the main lounge, up until 9 a.m. in the morning. By waking this revengeful sleeping giant (Einar), I guess the war of keeping people awake at night is on…

Hostel merch try-outs
At the back stage, The Man-Eating Tree has decided to try out their latest design on me and Einar. This is how it went:

Anti also has an additional merch suggestion, but me and Einar decided it may be a bit awkward to try that one the same way.

Graz tapas
After the show we went for a walk towards the city centre of Graz, and after a couple of detours we found ourselves in the middle of an abandoned Graz, since the 6th of January turns out to be some kind of national holiday or something. Nothing’s open except strip clubs and kebab parlors as far as the eye can see. Just as we are about to give up finding something eatable, we find ourselves outside a tapas restaurant, which turns out to be the perfect way of ending my ascending hunger sensation. Graz was a nice city by the way.

Welcome home
Back from our trip downtown, I’m given a warm welcome by Teemu who’s bunk is above mine. Aaaah, nice to be back at the bus. :)



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  1. Is Norway not Christian in any way? The sixth of January is anually "celebrated" in honor of the "Three Wise Men" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_Magi). No wonder most places were shut down.

    Furthermore, you possibly chose the bleakest time to visit the city. Graz is heavily driven by both students and tourists - both of which abandon the city during the winter holidays.