Day 6: Karlsruhe

Part 1: Karlsruhe + FIFA 2011 = <3

After eating breakfast myself, TorO, Øystein, Rein and Esa (from Amorphis) decided to take a trip to check out Karlsruhe city center. The local crew informs us that the tram station is very close to the venue, so we’re good to go! Our main goal with this trip was to buy PS3 games for the bus, and FIFA was our main priority. As all the latest FIFA games are rather similar, we decided to buy last years edition for half the price.

Part 2: H&M

We have a confession to make: Leprous are not very experimental when it comes to clothes. No matter which country we are in, we always end up in the same store; H&M (and if we’re in a crazy mood; Zara). This was of course also the case in Karlsruhe, and at least Rein ended up with two full bags with clothes/shoes from H&M. Yeah, so cool to be abroad buying exactly the same clothes we can get in our home town for approximately the same price.

Part 3: A pleasant surprise

We have barely played in Germany before this tour, and never in Karlsruhe, so we didn’t have a clue what to expect for tonight’s show. When we enter the stage we see a very enthusiastic German crowd, which gives us an even bigger to reason to give them the show of their lives. The concerts went very well, and we are all in a very good mood after the show.

Part 4: Aki and Tini

After the show we go out to meet our friends and fans Aki (from Finland) and Tini (from Germany, but also lives in Finland). Aki and Tini are what we can call true loyal fans. For the last year and a half they’ve seen us in Atlanta (USA), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Tallinn (Estonia) and Karlsruhe (Germany)! So they’ve traveled to five different countries to see Leprous, and for that we’re really grateful! Great guys! I feel that we really owe them a concert in Helsinki soon, so that they don’t have to travel all over the world every time they’re up for a Leprous show.