Day 8/34 - Batchkapp, Frankfurt, Germany 04.11.10

Last thing we did yesterday was driving past Louvre and Notre Dame. Today we woke up in Frankfurt in Germany. Not quite the same to be honest.

We took a walk to check out the city, but found out that, our venue: Batschkapp, wasnt located in the centrum. Cant complain because we found a very nice shop. That had some really nice christmas calenders. For a good price.

The stage was quite small. At least compared to the other we played on the last days. But we sorted it out and gave it all. It seemed like some liked it.

It wasnt the most exciting day. But still there are things thats has to be done.
Here is a typical activity on tour:



  1. Ingen jul uten Sexy Xmas. Hahaha!

  2. Det er Øysteins tur igjen nå vet du, så da pleier det å bli en pause på noen dager... ;)

  3. Get the Loch Vostok guys to write if they do it faster than Øystein :p