Day 11/34 - Boogalo Club, Zagreb, Croatia - 07.11.2010

Today it was time to say hello to Zagreb - the capital of Croatia. We enter the venue, and discover that both the catering and backstage facilities are really good! After doing some shows with rather small backstages shared between two bands, it was really nice to finally have a large backstage only for Leprous. In addition to that, the stage was perfect and the local crew was very helpful! Without us asking for it, they provided us with a driver that drove us to the city center of Zagreb.

When we arrived in the more central parts of Zagreb, the driver offered us to guide us through the city center to show us the most interesting parts. Now we´re talking good service! What also surprised me was how good the Croatians were in English! Almost everyone I talked to were able to communicate quite good in English.

The catering on the venue was perfect........for those who eat meat! Since the majority of the band are Vegetarians, it could have been better. It was a huge plate with meats of all kind, almost like a norwegian christmas meal. No worries, because the really nice crew from the Boogallo Club in Zagreb ordered a really nice Tofu meal for us! Once again, really nice service.

Yes - there was a fitness studio in the same building as the venue! I got the chance to do one of my three weekly work out sessions!! When I returned to the backstage I was embraced by one hell of an exited gang!

Ok, it’s about time to write something about the concert! Because this was really a concert worth mentioning. The majority of the crowd were girls between 15 - 25 (at least it seemed so), and they gave us such fantastic response - even though most of the people there didn’t know us before the concert! The sound on stage could have been better for me, but it did not overshadow the great experience at all. Zagreb is definitely a place we wanna visit again!

All the best,


  1. I am so happy that u guys were opening band! I never heard for u before that concert and u were great,no,actually u were amazing! =)
    I'm proud to say now I'm your new fan! Einar is one amazing vocal,things that he can do with his voice it's just crazy! I love it!
    Also,now,all of my friends know about how great and cute u all are! =)

    And yeah,next time u come to Zagreb,make sure to call me! I'll give u real tour in Zagreb! XD
    Just keep doing so great music and take care!

    Ines Black

  2. Thanks a lot for the very kind and Inspiring words Ines!

    We really enjoyed our stay in Zagreb, and we would love to come back!

    - Einar