Day 25/34 - Travel day #2 (Thessaloniki) - 21.11.2010

After a drive that made night turn into day we arrived in Thessaloniki after leaving Athens behind us in the dark. This travel day turned out to be much more enjoyable than the last one. The last one was being spent in rainy Ljubljana in a boring hotel room. This one we spent in sunny Greece by the ocean.

We had the whole day, one hotel room and not a care in the world. We ate pizza by the ocean, drank coffee from starbucks and walked down the harbour towards a beautiful tower. Øystein went back to the hotel to catch up on his studying while the rest of us went to the movies. We saw the new Harry Potter movie. This was my first encounter with Harry Potter. So – Tor Oddmund, Einar and Tobias had to bring me up to speed on the saga while we were waiting for the film to begin. Even though they did a great job retelling the story, there were just too many holes in my knowledge of the story to keep me on the edge of my seat this evening. Despite the noisy young crowd, it was nice and relaxing to spend the night at the movies after spending 22 nights on venues around Europe. Nothing wrong with that at all – but a bit of recreation is never wrong.

After a nice shower and some fast food we entered our tour bus once again at midnight. This time our destination is Romania and a huge tent in the city of Bucharest.

Merry XMAS form Greece:

Good Night!

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