Day 15/34 - Le Phare, Toulouse, France - 11.10.2010

No time Toulouse today! The trip from Lyon to the south of France was done in the dark of night either sleeping or watching Mad Men, Dexter, Six Feet Under or playing Football Manager. When we got there it was raining lightly outside. Inside the venue of Le Phare we got our own backstage with candy and drinks and a shower but no WiFi... Catastrophe! No FaceBook!!? A whole day without knowing what Per Cesar or Jeremy are up to? How we got trough it is still a mystery to me.

The stage and the hall were really nice. During soundcheck there was a slight problem of slap back delay in the room – having to do with the rooms acoustics. But the problem lessened when the audience came in in time for the show. TorO, Tobias and Halvor were out running in the beautiful French countryside. A refreshing trip!

The audience were amazing in Toulouse! They really energized us and made the show memorable. The concert went well. Maybe not the best – but certainly not the worst. Tonight we’re heading even souther when the pin is nailed to Spain and Barcelona -and WiFi!

The one and only,

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