Day 3/34 - De Oosterpoort, Groeningen, Holland - 30.10.10


We arrived in Groeningen in the middle of the night. We were still sleeping... Thats one of the fun things about nightliners, you go to sleep and wake up in a completely new city.

At the first sight, Groeningen Oosterport looked like a highschool. But as yesterday, we got a nice backstage with nice catering.
Since we are support-act there arent much to do, before main-act done rigging their stuff and had their soundcheck.

So we had plenty of time to check out the town, excersise, write blog, practise, eat fruit etc.
When it was time for out soundcheck it went smoothly. Luckily we can use Therions mixer, which makes it so easy for us, since we can save our settings from each night.

The sound on stage was awsome, we all felt really good, and ready for a good show.

Tonights show was good, with more energy than yesterday. I think there were maybee 400 – 500 people in the audience, which were really nice to us.

We had to leave soon after the show for the next stop: London. 6 am, we had to get up for a passportcheck before we could go on the ferry to England. This was of course something we all enjoyed very much! Especially our soundengieneer Joachim...



  1. Jaa! Elsker at dere filmer mye!
    Kult at en fyr dekte for scena under konserten deres da. :D
    Lykke til i Antwerp i kveld! Gleder meg til Razzmatazz.

  2. It's Groningen, without the 'e', but that's a minor thingy I can't care too much for as I really enjoyed watching you Saturday evening ;) Loved the energy that you guys have on stage! \m/