Day 7/34 - Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France - 03.11.10

Our first impression of Paris really lived up to everybody's expectations of this marvelous city, and it was a truly psyched gang of early birds that jumped out of bed at the break of dawn.

All loaded in at the venue, we were once again served a delicious breakfast. I must really hand it to the French when it comes to food at the venues (not ironic). The venue, Elysée Montmartre, is located about a 2 min walk from le Sacré Cæur, which is a big beautiful church placed on a hill with a wonderful view of the entire city (as seen in the jogging video later in this post). Once we were there, Tobias decided he would like some jewelery, so he just stopped a random stranger passing by to make him a bracelet.

We also met this odd looking crew, who wanted to send their hello back home.

While the rest of us went downtown to check out what Paris had to offer, Øystein used this opportunity to do some homework. Well, I guess we would all be torn when being faced with these two choices…

While some of us wanted to TAKE pictures of the monuments, some of us preferred to BE the pictures. I’m not sure you’ll notice it though.

Before the concert, me and Tobias went for a jog back to Sacré Cæur. The main stairs up to the church turned out to be closed though, so we had to take the back stairs. It was a good warm-up anyway, and Tobias got the opportunity to try out some of his newest jumping tricks.

Back at the venue, people was starting to gather in front of the stage, and so it was time to play our sixth concert. This concert turned out to be the coolest concert so far on the tour for all the band members. It rarely happens that all band members are completely satisfied with an entire concert, but the great sound on stage, as well as the excellent energy in the crowd made this the most rewarding show so far. I really hope we’ll have the opportunity to come back in a not too distant future.

You can’t be a tourist in France without trying one of the many national delicacies, so we chose to end this highly interesting day in Paris sharing a plate of snails at a traditional French cuisine.

Au revoir,

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  1. The last video has wrong date. Nov 4th instead of 3rd.