Day 24/34 - Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece - 20.11.2010

8 hour bumpy drive from Thessaloniki
the sun wakes us up and we're feelin' hot 'n freaky
let's gather the band plus our danish engineer
and check out the city, there's a metro near

Daypass is the thang and Attiki is our station
Acropolis is our number one destination
This popular place is 6 dots away
but we jump on the train without any delay

Our sound guy with his Ray Ban thinks he's cool as hell
even though he once got the comment; "Dude, your ass smells!"
The coolness of this crew makes everything fade
lets hope Acropolis is ready for our escapade

We go up, we go down
we turn back, we frown
there's nothing here, let's go 'round
ok, lets pay the twelve and head for the top

A long, long, long, long way to go
the path of stone is just so damn slow
up from here the beautiful city we see
right now, this is THE place to be

(NOTE: No emergency rhymes were made during the making of this rap)

Yours faithfully,

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  1. Gretings from Greece,
    Your show in Athens was really great, I have posted a few photos from your performance at my blog, check them out below.
    Hope all the best for the band and to see you again in Greece soon.
    Looking forward for your new album !