Day 16/34 - Razmatazz, Barcelona, Spain - 12.11.2010

This is the day I was finally going to meet my family and my fiancee!! What did not cheer me up particularly was that we couldn’t arrive at the venue before 2 pm because of difficulties with the load in. Luckily the guys in Therion let me crash in their bus from Toulouse to Barcelona , so I managed to be there before noon.

I struggled a bit finding Razmatazz due to massive road work. But then I finally saw my mother and fiancee outside! And what a great feeling it was to finally meet my family and fiancee!
As soon as we were able to, we took the subway to check out the city centre. First we took a small stop by the main street called La Rambla, but once we realized we didn’t have that much time we took the subway further to the main tourist attraction of Barcelona - The architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi that never seems to be finished: La Sagrada Familia!

We managed to get back to La Rambla, where we met this guy:

Due to early sound check I had to get back to the venue earlier than preferable. The venue was nice (as the venues on this tour tend to be) , and the sound check went very well.
After soundchecking we met our spanish designer Maria Picassò, who has designed the latest Leprous t-shirts. It was a pleasure finally being able to meet the person we’ve only spoken a lot to through e-mails.

The concert was filled with energy, a painful back (due to 15 concerts of intense headbanging), a great spanish crowd and good stage sound! It was really nice to show my family and fiancee how much we’ve developed as a live band on this tour. It’s always nice playing for people you know very well. They always have earlier shows to compare to.

In every city, TorO is taking a picture of several Playmo-men (and women) in different settings. Here’s an action photo of TorO doing exactly that.

It was sad having to say good bye to my fiancee, mother and aunt. But it was truly a pleasure getting to see them again!

All the best,

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  1. Det var så gøy å treffe alle sammen i Barcelona, og særlig Einar!! ;) (Savner deg allerede)
    Ok, nok kliss, hehe.
    Konserten var sykt bra, og det var herlig å se dere på scena igjen. Det eneste negative var at det var for kort og at tida gikk så fort! ;) Lykke til videre på turneen, dere er så flinke! :)