Day 5/34 - Hof Ter Loo, Antwerp, Belgium - 01.11.10

We woke up feeling refreshed just outside the venue Hof Ter Loo in Antwerp, Belgium. We rolled out of the bus and directly into the catering area where a vast variety of breakfast dishes where served.

This day can be summed up in this way:
- Tobas practiced on his drum pad
- Einar and Tor Oddmund went to the city
- Halvor and Øystein organized all the merchandise
- We all came together for the show.
- All day the juice did flow, if you know what I mean.

You’re in luck – just by clicking on this video you can be a fly on the wall as Halvor and Øystein are having the time of their lives. (NB: This activity did take a bit longer than two minutes in real life. The pace is actually sped up.)

Here you can follow Tor Oddmund and Einar on their adventures in the city of Antwerp. Please use the comment field to discuss whom YOU think is hotter of the pair.

Soundcheck was fast and easy – great sound in no time! The digital foh mixer is travelling with us; so all the levels are dialled in beforehand and saved. So all that is needed is to make smaller adjustments in correlation to the different acoustics in the different rooms we play, and to set the monitor mix. This night we decided to change the setlist with the addition of a new song.

The show went really well. It was fun to play the new 11-minute song for the Belgium audience. The sound on stage was really good and there where quite a few people who seemed to enjoy our set.

Care for some juice?

The night was spent playing Madden 2005, watching TV-series and sleeping in the parked nightliner just outside the Belgian venue. Except for TorO and Einar who, as you know, travelled back to their beloved Tapirs and stayed there all night. Tomorrow we’re crossing the French border as we’re invading Lille in the blood red morning hours.

Good night!
Hope to see YOU on the road

Yours truly,


  1. Spent the NIGHT with the tapirs? Seriuously? Haha.. You guys are awesome! Good thing you found a voulenteer, I would never have tasted that!:)

    Have a good day, guys. Good luck on the stage:)

  2. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!

    Eeeelsker tapirene! og pastinakkjuicen! mmm.

    Det så rått ut å drive med t-skjortene, Halvor og Øystein. Flinke da!

  3. It's been quite some time since I was blown away by a band I'd never heard before but you guys succeeded in doing so in Antwerp. I look forward to your new album and hopefully more tours in the future.