Day 13/34 - Alcatraz, Milan, Italy - 09.11.2010

Today we stood up early as usual. Maybe around 12.30. Halvor of course needed his two more hours.

Catering was very good. Venue was good. And that is good, after last evenings lame concert.
We went to the city of Milan, which was very nice. Allthough i think its more suited if you are into fashion, and are willing to spend (wasting) alot of money.
We went into one of these fashion store. When the personal approached us and saw our style, he just smiled and turned back. No need wasting time, he thought.
The Milan Cathedral was one of the most spectacular buildings i`ve ever seen.

The concert itself was much better than yesterday and the crowd were really nice to us.
We had a shower in our backstage, which is really nice. Because the last couple of days we had specific rules for showering.

Like: just between 9.30 and 10.30, so its ready for the headliners after their show.
Hey!, but their show ends at 11.30?
Yeah but the water needs to get heated before they finish.
Sometimes there is this moron rules for support bands. Just to seperate us from the headliner.
But overall its good!

Next stop Lyon!


Here is a short movie i made one night on the bus. It is random clips, filmed during our stay in Milan.


  1. Nice result with the video!

  2. Jeg likte også videoen godt. Morsom stemning, kult å se at dere eksperimenterer så mye med videoer og videoblogging!
    Hahaha, hvordan kan det være så nøye med dusjinga? Ganske idiotiske regler. Men de virket jo stort sett greie da heldigvis, lykke til videre!