Day 23/34 - Block 33 - Thessaloniki, Greece, 19.11.2010

Yesterdays night we had a really bumpy ride. The roads from Bulgaria to Greece arent the best... It was quite ok, allthough sometimes you`d wake up allmost trown out of bed.

The weather in Greece is really nice. It makes it even better to know thats it minus 10 degrees in Norway.
We took a walk to find the city centre It took a while and we didnt have too much time to actually see the city.
As we were walking peaceful down the streets Einar and TorO got stopped by a cop. He told them to show their papers, probably meaning their passports.
They were of course in the bus...

They tried to explain that we were a group on a tour. He asked where we were from. As soon as Norway got mentioned it was ok. You free to go.

The reason why they were stopped in the first place: ??
What a rude cop...

In addition to this rather suprising episode, we were in quite a hurry to get back to our soundcheck.
Which of course resulted in this:

The funny thing is that when it was time to soundcheck, the pot-smoking local crew were to slow so we didnt get time to soundcheck.

But the show went on as usual. The crowd werent the same as the two previous days. Not saying it was bad. Just not as wild.

After the show i enjoyed the coldest shower ever. In the world most dirty toilet. Which of course was the only one on the venue. Without being able to lock the door, or hide behind a showercurtain. Because there werent anything.


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