(Part 2) Day 1 - Berlin

Christmas turned out to be very short for us this year. After a good nights sleep we all got up early to catch the bus to the airport in Oslo. Our plane left for Berlin at 1PM and after flying all the way to Japan a couple of weeks earlier, this one felt like 5 minutes. We landed in the German capitol at the airport "lala", and got ourselves a nice, big taxi to hold the 5 of us to make our way to the hostel for the night. Amorphis and the crew are arriving tomorrow, and we're all meeting up with the bus early in the morning. A day off waiting for the others is the perfect opportunity to check out the city!;D After checking in at the hostel and getting 5 minutes of rest, we decide there's no reason to just sit around in a cheap hostel staring at the wall (or our computers/phones for that matter) in a big, unexplored city. So we get to it.

Berlin turns out to be a really great place, but food is currently our number one priority. Our first thought is to find an Indian place and it does not take long before we find the perfect place. Cheap and exactly what we wanted. Finally we have the energy needed to explore this huge city;) With a big tower in sight we just start walking, hoping to find some kind of city center. After a while, we reach a nice traditional Christmas marketplace selling all kinds of food and candy.

....and of course we have to buy some chocolate bananas/grapes.

The market is located at Alexanderplatz where we finally reach the tower we aimed for. We see an endless road and just keep walking. 5000 miles later we end up at Brandenburger Tor! It's now getting late and after some photos we head begin on the long, long journey back. After a few hours Berlin's moderate temperature somehow doesn't seem very moderate anymore, so the next logical step becomes getting some ice cream! ;) One large ice cream later, the cinema becomes very attractive but is soon discarded when we realize all movies are dubbed. As a last source of entertainment we go back to find a bowling place we discovered on our journey. Einar eventually gets fed up with all the walking…

The bowling place is of course closing in 10 minutes when we arrive, so heading back to the hostel becomes the only tempting option left. A quiet ending to an awesome day in Berlin, and we fall asleep late, ready for our first show day…



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