Day 3 - Bochum merch bonanza

Our first show in Bochum is sold out in advance, and high expectations arise as we check out the nice venue of Zeche. We say goodbye and give another big thank you to Martin and Jon-Øyvind for stepping in for Tobias and Rein on the show yesterday. Still, we’re looking forward to getting the real line-up together for the rest of the tour, and we celebrate this event in doing the thing we do best; hasseling Øystein when he’s trying to eat:

What goes down, has to come up. Somewhere…
Luckily for us, this good old saying is also very much represented in the relations between the toilet vs shower in our backstage. The fact that whatever went down the toilet would resurface in the shower wasn’t noticed until after all the 8 man-eating trees had done their best “effort” in the toilet, so I guess I’ll just wait out this shower opportunity.

The venue was packed with people, and it was very nice playing together with the real line-up again. Einar struggled a bit with his voice, but if I know him right it's not something long lasting. Before and after the show we finally got to meet Leif and Jens from Century Media (our record label), which turned out to be very pleasant guys. We also met our old friend Waldemar from the Therion tour last year.

Teemu’s merch bonanza
During the entire 1st part of the tour, our merch salesman Teemu complained that all of our shirt motives was so ugly, and that he wanted us to print up a new t-shirt. Well, today we received the fresh batch of shirts, and as you can see on this picture Teemu is totally psyched!

What we didn’t calculate on though was that the extra cases of merch had to go somewhere… So, bye bye luxurious lounge area! :(

Please help us get rid of all these t-shirts by buying them on one of our shows! That's also a nice opportunity to actually meet Teemu.


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