Day 4 - Osnabrück

I have to be totally honest here, I don't have much to write about today. Being very tired from traveling to Germany the day before (early flight, no sleep, hours of waiting), as well as from the gig last night in Bochum, I decided to sleep late today. It turned out I didn't miss much. The venue was basically located in the middle of a forest, or so it looked. Not much to see or do in the area, in other words. But the venue was great. Big stage and a cool atmosphere. The gig went well. Once again, I'm sorry about not having any interesting stories, or spectacular happenings or miraculous wonders to share with you guys. Didn't happen much today, except the usual concert, which was fun. As usual :)

We did, however, put together a little video for your pleasure and entertainment. Enjoy!

- Rein

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