Day 2 - Jena

Part one: Leprous/Amorphis Re-union

Today we had to wake up early as we were meeting Amorphis + crew and the tour bus. We ordered a taxi, and went straight to the airport before even eating breakfast. Re-uniting with the Amorphis guys and their/our crew was something we had looked very much forward to. It was indeed great seeing them again, and we’re looking forward to three more weeks on the road with the guys.

Part two: The New Tour Bus

When we opened the doors on the tour bus, we found ourselves really pleasantly surprised! We’re talking a luxury bus including facilities I had expected waiting several more years enjoying. After chatting a little bit with the Amorphis guys, I went so sleep until we arrived in Jena. Three hours of highly appreciated sleep!

Part three: Step-in guys

On todays show we had Martin Wright Thorsen as a step-in drummer for Tobias, and Jon-Øyvind Nordby as step-in bassist for Rein. It is of course slightly thrilling for us to change the whole foundation in the band for only one show, as Tobias and Rein are very hard to replace. However, when playing a song at the soundcheck, we hear very clearly that Martin and Jon-Øyvind has done a really great job. Many thanks goes out to Martin and Jon-Øyvind for going through all those hours of rehearsing for only one show.

Part four: First show

When going on stage today I was almost a bit nervous (I usually never get nervous when playing), as I had to handle all the backing tracks in addition to be the lead-singer and keyboard player. Even though the show today wasn’t as good as a Leprous show can be, I feel we managed to do the very best out of the situation. This also made us prove that Leprous never cancel a show, unless we really have to!

All the best,


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