Day 32 – Club Studio, Krakow, Polen – 28.11.2010

Looking back at this day, I realize that it must have been my most immobile day so far. I woke up at 14.00, and since I had the privilege of counting the merchandise today, this more or less meant that I would not have time to check out the city center of Krakow. Once the merch was counted it was time for soundcheck, followed by a fight with the internet to publish my blog post from the travel day, “Crossing Donau”. While the video was uploading, I had some deep fried spring rolls, with deep fried potatoes, over cooked vegetables and mayonnaise on the side. In other words; an excellent way to fill up your energy level prior to the show.

Suddenly it was showtime, and as for me, I think this was one of the coolest shows soo far. Here’s one of the songs we will record on our upcoming album this january. The song is called Restless.

The energy both on stage and in the audience was really good, and the groove felt very natural. After playing in all the 17 countries of the tour, I hereby declare my top 3 best impressions of audiences, based on the nationalities (in random order): the Bulgarians, the Polish and the French. Of course, my personal impression can be affected by many different variables, and this doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the other shows. In fact, I hope we will be able to return to every single place we’ve visited, and hope some of you will want us back as well!

After the show, me and Einar went out in the neighbourhood, hunting for something to eat, but everything seemed to be closed. That was until we came across this place:

Out of absolutely nowhere, a kebab hut, not too different from the ones we have back in Norway, popped up in a street which up until that point only seemed to consist of residents. I must admit that the taste of the food probably wouldn’t have taken any harm in being a bit better, but as for my famishing stomach, it did the trick.

This was the last night we travelled with Therion, since tomorrow is the last show, so Kristoffer and Waldemar from Therion decided to ride with us this night. Kristoffer put on a Prog rock show off in the back of the bus, while Waldemar tried to get a party started in the front.

It all ended up with Joachim, our eminent sound engineer and tour manager, going for a walkabout in his sleep at 7.00 am. His destination was in the front of the bus whereas he found it convenient to spread his urine. Lawrence and Waldemar, sitting in only their underwear at the moment, gathered some cups, and cought approximately 0,8 liters of piss as it exited Joachim. As to how they managed to clean up the spillings, I wont’t go to much in the details, but I can go as far as to tell you it has something to do with Tobias eating some odd tasting chips afterwards…

Tomorrow will be the last concert for the support acts. Will everything go smoothly, or will somebody play a prank or two?

Stay tuned!


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