Day 28/34 - Z7 ,Pratteln, Switzerland - 24.11.2010

Today the weather was kind of grey. And the venue was located far away from the centre. So we did not see the city of Pratteln.
Z7 (the venue) was really nice. The monitor-technician was as good as his mouth was big.
The experience from a show with bad monitor-sound compared to good, is of course huge. So we really appreciate having a guy that knows his craft.

We all enjoyed excellent home-cooked food, right from the kitchen. This is also something you start to compare, after a few days with in-door catering.
And as with technicians. It varies alot.

The Swiss audience were really nice to us. And its good to play after a really boring day off.
Although its not the biggest audience, it seemed like there were some that showed up mainly to see us. That is nice, for a opening act.

btw: thank you, the guy that gave us swiss money for the foosball-game! and thanks to Waldemar, being such a humble opponent in the game!


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