Day 33, Stodola, Warsava, Poland. 29/11/2010

The bus left at 4 in the morning. The ride was supposed to take 6 hours. Just a short little relaxing trip from Krakow to Warsava. We thought we had the day in the city to our disposal. We were wrong...

Poland suddenly had the worst snowstorm in ages. And unlike norwegians, they cant handle it. At all.
The traffic was chaos, and nobody knew how to handle the situation.
At noon we were still 45 km away from the venue Stodola. So at this point we were two and a half hour late.
4 hours later there were 43 km to Stodola. The bus went 500 meters pr hour. So we were actually driving in 0,5 km/h. Yeah! Everybody was happy! A really good finale to this awsome tour...

The traffic did not improve, and we were out of food (we had some chips though. But Joachim peed all over them last night. But that no one told me, before i allready had some of them.....)

We of course understood that with this tempo, we wont get there in time. So there wouldnt be any support bands this day (Therion`s bus was allready at the venue. Dont know how?).

But at around 7.30 the traffic started to open up and we were moving faster and faster. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Not thinking we got time to play our shows (Loch Vostok was supposed to go on stage at 7.30.). But at least just get there, so Scott our bus driver could relax and then drive us home. Everything to get through this really anoying day. And of course get some food;).

We got a phone call and they told us they could delay the Therion show. Giving us some time. The two bands on the bus were supposed to share the ammount of time left, playing two very short sets. But at least get a really good end of the tour, compared to how it looked earlier.

When we finaly arrived at the venue. We had approximately 50 minutes to our disposal. For rigging, setting up a whole backline with amps and drums, soundcheck, and concerts for two bands.

The tour manager said that only Leprous got to play. And Loch Vostok as kind as they are, were ok with that and helped us carry. So we trew all our stash on the stage, turned it on, checked if the lines were working with the mixer. Played the whole 37 minute set. Everybody was of course starving. But we just had to give it all for the last show.

The concert was awsome! A really special energy. It was very funny when the Loch Vostok guys (and Scott!) came on stage during our perfomance.
Later we all went on stage with Therion on the encore. Just like a celebration, since its the last show. That was... fun...

It is starting to get really cold. And we`re excited for the 3 day long trip back to Oslo!

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