Tour blog - Day 1/34 (28.10.10) Oslo - Tilburg (Travelday)

The first of day of our trip was delayed due to an unexpected issue. All the copies of our most recent album “Tall Poppy Syndrome” had by mistake been sent to “Sør -Norge Aluminium” (South Norway Aluminum) in Husnes near Bergen. It was so late as Wednesday afternoon (we were supposed to leave Wednesday evening) before a guy called us and told us that had received our package. Since we all live in Oslo, which is approximately eight hours away from Husnes, we had no choice but to delay our trip with one day. TNT - the company responsible for the mess - promised that we should have the package delivered at our door between 8 and 9 am next morning. When we were starting to get nervous the next morning, the package finally arrived at 8:57 am. We were finally ready to leave!!

Whilst two of the band members (Tobias and Halvor) cowardly chose to fly down to Tilburg, the rest of us had to choose the hardcore-18-hour-drive-with-no-sleep-at-all alternative in order to get all equipment there in time.

To avoid unnecessary conflicts with the Norwegian customs on our way home, we had a to prove that we already owned the equipment before we left Norway:

The trip through Sweden went smoothly, without any difficulties worth mentioning. While we were driving through Denmark we realized that Denmark do not operate with gas stations along the highway.

On the ferry from Denmark to Germany we managed to get a proper meal, as well as having a deserved and long awaited break from the driving. Here you can see Øystein philosophizing on the ferry:

And finally we reach das Autobahn! That means we can drive as fast as we want to without being confronted by the law! Oh, but wait.......nearly 70% of the way there’s 60 zone due to road work!! After a while, we were finally able to drive in 120 km. But suddenly, there was a cat running out in the highway. And Tor Oddmunds spontaneous reaction was to do his very best to avoid killing the poor animal, and he took a very sharp turn while driving in 120 with a full-loaded van. The car headed towards the fence, but TorO managed to maneuver the car back on the road before hitting the fence in high speed. Suddenly it seemed like the car was going to tip over because of the manouver, the high speed and tallness of the van! Luckily TorO managed to get the vehicle back on track. This was one of the most horrifying situations in the traffic I’ve ever witnessed! But we all got out from it in good shape - including the cat - and headed further on to Tilburg!

When we finally arrived in Tilburg, we were satisfied, relieved and tired. After an exhausting 18 hour drive (with only four small stops including the ferry), we were finally able to go to bed!

Here’s a video clip from our arrival in Tilburg:

All the best, Einar


  1. Great to see you getting somewhat decently to your first location (and in one piece, that is!)

    I want to come and see you, don't know where yet. Best wishes from Denmark, Jacob :)

  2. Lykke til gutter, det blir utrolig spennende å følge med på opplevelsene deres!

    Ps, godt dere fant ut at en bil gjør seg best på fire hjul :P